Does Tom Brady even think about the money?

Tom Brady is now in a class by himself with the most number of wins in the Super Bowl. The fact he was in his first year with a new team is even more incredible. There are people who believe his current record will never be broken. Does he have another win in him? We will see. For years now, I am sure the money is of little importance to him. Clearly, that is not what is motivating him.

The tale of two jobs

Two customers call in. One job is routine and quick; but, will be in the lower levels of profit margin. The second job is much more involved, will take a greater level of skill and customer service. However, the profit margin is at the top of your range. In most cases, your best people will be on the second job.

The first step toward Value Based Compensation

Most organizations have a time served compensation model. Each year the employee is evaluated and then given a raise. If they are promoted to a new position, they are paid near the bottom of the new position pay range. Once you are in the new position pay raises are based on your tenure. I am a strong advocate of value based compensation. What value are you bringing and how can we increase the value of an employee.