Management does not listen to us

The above statement routinely comes up in organizations. Management has announced another change without listening to the employees first. The change is based in what management thought the production floor needed. Many times there is a total disconnect between management and the floor. This disconnect will be communicated loud and clear in response to the announced change. It is the floor who will always take the brunt of implementation.

An engine overhaul versus replacing a switch

Years ago I had a car with a problem. You could be driving along and it would just stop. It would not restart until it was ready. When it was ready, it started and ran until it did not want to run anymore. We took it to a mechanic and they said we needed a complete engine overhaul. It was going to cost a fortune. I had several issues with their explanation of the problem.

Maximizing the people restart for COVID

We have all been there. Our computer or phone makes it clear, it needs a restart. So we save all of our work, close all the windows and do a restart. What happens? Invariably, there is going to be problems. It may take a couple of restarts to get back to normal. In my experience, I almost always lose work. Somehow when I saved the work, it did not save right or the restart rejected the save. Whatever it is, I end up redoing some work.

Does Tom Brady even think about the money?

Tom Brady is now in a class by himself with the most number of wins in the Super Bowl. The fact he was in his first year with a new team is even more incredible. There are people who believe his current record will never be broken. Does he have another win in him? We will see. For years now, I am sure the money is of little importance to him. Clearly, that is not what is motivating him.