Are you managing your greatest asset or is it managing you?

Three of the greatest organizational problems are


Employee turnover

First - stop the bleeding!

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Chronically open positions

The cost of constantly recruiting

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Skills gap

The cost of not having the right skills

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These three problems cost you a lot of money every year. They also cost you a lot of growth opportunities 

Solutions based in fundamental management principles

  • People Profits has developed proactive strategies, systems and processes
  • Proprietary systems and processes used successfully in multiple industries over decades
  • Solutions implemented and easy to grasp by your employees
  • Solutions tailored for your organization and your issues


Root causes do not magically get better

Root causes must be identified and separated from symptoms

Root causes only get worse with time

Strategies, systems and processes must be developed implemented and applied the deepest part of the root

Benefits of controlling your Employee Turnover

  • Control of your workforce
  • Poised for organizational growth
  • Reduced costs of turnover
  • Realignment of organizational priorities  

“I am a finance guy who was thrown into Workforce Management 32 years ago. My CEO saw me as a problem solver. We had problems with employee turnover, chronically open positions and skills gap. If they were not addressed successfully, we were going to go out of business. I love solving problems!”

Clark Ingram, Founder and President of People Profits, LLC


When can People Profits help?

  • When your employee turnover is affecting your business operations and potential growth

  • When the cost is not sustainable

  • What you are currently doing is not significantly reducing your turnover

Sustainability of results

  • Elimination of root causes leads to sustainability

  • Strategies, systems and processes guarantee sustainability

  • On-going review of organizational changes allow for future minor adjustments

How does it work?

People are selling you products that treat symptoms – not root causes 
These products will NOT reduce your employee turnover – just increase costs 
You need someone who can identify and eliminate your root causes

Industries served

  • B2B Service
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction

How to engage People Profits, LLC

  • Phone
    Call People Profits set a FREE 30 minute appointment we will need some basic information
  • Analysis
    We will deliver a FREE Root Cause Analysis including the cost of your current turnover and a Plan of Action
  • Piggy Bank
    We begin work with a focus on the greatest impact in the shortest period of time

Clark presented a program on “Employer Branding” to the North OKC Rotary Club. Our members found his presentation to be interesting, informative and focused on practical “real world” application. His mindset on how HR can affect revenues and profits even in relatively small companies is refreshing. I specifically appreciated that Clark was willing to customize his presentation to the needs of our members. His knowledge and understanding of the subject matter was clear to everyone. 

As Program Chairman of the North OKC Rotary Club, I highly recommend Clark to any organization interested in an outstanding presentation. 

David Ferguson, President 
Career Executive Options Inc. 
Executive Search & Career Transition Management" 
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2013 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

David Ferguson's LinkedIn profile

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