Employee Turnover

The power of turning a negative into a positive

A group of friends and I were talking about inventions, copyrights and non-compete agreements. Part of the conversation was how these might affect employees. I mentioned the number of times which I had seen organizations take a very negative approach. For instance, I went to work for a company who had non-compete agreements. These agreements were with the backbone of our company.

Is your workforce a result of being rushed or being stable?

You needed seven production line workers yesterday. Now you need eight as you lost one overnight. No notice was given!! The temporary agency does not have anyone. You hear they have plenty of people for a larger more lucrative company. The candidates you have received so far for the sales job have been underwhelming. You have no idea how you are going to find a production engineer.

Equal parts mystery and mess

I was speaking with a friend last week. We were talking about my favorite topic, employee turnover. He mentioned two of the biggest causes of turnover. He mentioned work environment and whether the employee sees a future at the company. I totally agree with him; however, there are many other reasons and they are company specific. In addition, how these reasons are created and perpetuated are infinite.

Incoherence kills productivity

Every day we are inundated with information and disinformation regarding COVID. Much of what is said contradicts other statements. We need to get the vaccine so we won’t get COVID. But people who have gotten the vaccine have subsequently gotten the virus. We need to wear masks today but not tomorrow. We now have the delta variant which throws in a completely different wrinkle.