Zero employee turnover for the company backbone

Previously in this blog, we have discussed the backbone of your company. This is the group of employees who are driving sales and customer satisfaction. Generally they are the ones who are in direct contact with your customers or shape your product or service. The better they perform, the higher the sales and the better the quality of your product or service. Executives, administrative support and new employees are never part of the backbone.

Churning at the bottom

Organizations have a core group of people at the top who seldom leave. If they do it is a planned retirement. The turnover rate for the top 10 to 30% of an organization is generally quite low if not non-existent. The turnover rate goes up as you go down in the hierarchy of the organization. The turnover rate is always the highest at the bottom; specifically the first 60 days of employment.

Promises, Promises

Organizations are constantly making promises. They make promises to the employees, other organizations, customers, vendors and so on. What happens when your promises are not kept or are kept differently than expectations? The worst case I have ever come across was an organization which constantly made promises to their employees regarding pay raises. The problem was they very rarely kept their promises.

Know your virus

In reviewing the poster above, it is clear you must have training and experience to make the correct diagnosis. The average person is not going to be able to look at the poster and know for sure which of the ailments they have. When I go to the doctor, I describe my symptoms and he asks follow up questions. Many times I do not understand the significance of the follow up question which tells the doctor the answer.    

When you say something which creates controversy

As managers and business owners, how many times do we say something that creates an issue? Communication can easily create misunderstandings, disagreements, perceived ambiguity or hurt feelings. If you are like me, it happens all the time. These times can be very difficult; but also an opportunity to open a door to your employees.  This is not a time to be defensive or over bearing. This is the perfect time to be transparent and vulnerable.