Return on Investment based HR Management

Increased Productivity = (Hard $ + Soft $) X Trust (TM)

Here is how we do it:

Hard $ Profits

People Profits provides an in-depth on-site analysis of your business followed by a detailed State of Human Capital report with specific initiatives prioritized by Return on Investment (ROI). An integrated Human Capital Strategy and Plan(TM) is co-developed with expected ROI, including a reporting format to track performance against stated objectives. The first priority in implementing the Strategy and Plan is based upon hard dollar increases in revenues, profits and savings that produce immediate impact and lasting results. Deliverables are laser targeted for the quickest and largest impact. We remain with you to maintain the gains through implementation coaching guidance which drives your HR department to deliver the results.

An integrated Human Capital Strategy and Plan (TM) that is successfully implemented has numerous achievements. Each of these is expressed as a ROI calculation. Areas of untapped revenues and profits are reviewed for solutions that exploit these opportunities. Employee retention and engagement increase, resulting in dramatic cost savings, increased revenues and net income. Insurance costs for employee benefits, property and liability insurance decrease with potentially increased coverage.

Your Human Capital Strategy and Plan provides a platform for a quantitative measurement of Human Resources functional performance. Quarterly measurements provide an opportunity for constant realignment of the results versus the stated Strategy and Plan. The use of technology and systems allows a decrease in per transaction cost with resulting increased profits. Government and organizational compliance costs decrease through knowledge of requirements and the application of our systemizing expertise.

Soft $ Profits

Practical suggestions and value added processes and systems are recommended in the State of Human Capital report designed to have the greatest outcome, as quickly as possible, at the lowest cost. We utilize technology to more cost effectively recruit, hire, onboard, manage employment, objectively measure and align results. Quarterly review sessions measure and realign systems and processes to "maintain the gain" and find additional opportunities. We keep you in compliance with labor regulations - saving you fines and lost efficiency.

You are equipped to recruit more and better candidates with a lower per hire cost and on a timely basis. You receive an effective and efficient on-boarding system to assure employees engage quickly, thus paying back your investment into them quicker. Your team’s drive escalates through structural motivation, including incentive plans, positive and effective employee review systems and developing a culture of Esprit de corps. We recommend the needed training and development for each employee. Your Strategy and Plan reduces absenteeism and fosters greater productivity.

Your integrated Human Capital Strategy and Plan(TM) provides a platform for Human Resources to expand their thought processes to encompass Return on Investment (ROI) and the financial ramifications of HR programs. Your Human Capital mentoring plan instills a ROI and customer service mindset for all persons selected by management.

Trust Issues

People Profits provides you with certified experts in Human Capital Strategy and Planning as demonstrated by our level of formal education, professional certifications and experience. We are the only financially focused Human Capital Strategy firm serving small to medium sized businesses in the USA. You are important to us and we know your playing field. People Profits provides objective impartial advice with no alignment or financial ties to any vendor, insurance company or benefit plan - which means our advice is objective and not hindered by commissions or sales payments. We provide a range of options best for your business, maximizing your profit while minimizing cost. You can TRUST us!