Christy Smith, Office Manager, Prime Time Travel

Clark is not your average HR guy!! He thinks in revenues and profits. Even when Clark helps us interview a candidate, he is thinking about how that person will affect the growth of our business. His ability to interview people and pick up on nuances (that we would otherwise have missed!) is unquestioned. Most importantly, Clark's keen ability to help our team refine our Vision, Mission and Values is invaluable.

David Ferguson, President, Career Executive Options

Clark presented a program on “Employer Branding” to the North OKC Rotary Club. Our members found his presentation to be interesting, informative and focused on practical “real world” application. His mindset on how HR can affect revenues and profits even in relatively small companies is refreshing. I specifically appreciated that Clark was willing to customize his presentation to the needs of our members. His knowledge and understanding of the subject matter was clear to everyone. 

Jim Carson at Metroplex Electrical

Initially I had reservations about whether People Profits could help us. We continue to work with them and I am now convinced that they bring a completely different approach to Human Resource issues and opportunities. It is all about increased revenues, profits and long term solutions to our people problems/opportunities. Their practical advice, assistance in implementation and ability customized to our needs is refreshing from a consultant. 

Tra Pippin, CEO Hometown Home Health

Clark brings a unique and holistic approach to the Human Capital problems which we business owners are challenged. His ability to advance the vision of the organization, identify root causes of challenges, address them with proprietary systems and processes while keeping a constant eye on the financial and business ramifications is truly exceptional from a HR expert.