The people are ready to get back to normal

I believe that the American people are ready to get back to normal. They are no longer as concerned about the threat of the virus as they are about life getting back to normal. However they are ready to break out of their homes and go out to dinner. They are tired of the politicians and the non-stop blame game. The evidence is clear that the people have made a decision. The demonstrations throughout the country bear this out.  

Managing the bounce

The infection rate for the corona virus is going down in the majority of places. The hospitalization and death rates are also going down. This is all great news for our country and the rest of the world. For the last few days we have heard a lot about how the White House is trying to figure out the best plan for reopening the economy. We have no history or precedent to use as a guide; therefore, it will be exceedingly easy to make a mistake. There are think tanks all over the world, drafting plans which will minimize the time needed to restart the economy. Equally important will be minimizing the risk of the infection, hospitalization and death rates increasing again.