Great versus marginal employees

Recently a client showed me a comparison of great versus marginal employees. The list only had about six total items. There is so much more to this issue. Please find the attached comparison which can be used in the recruiting, evaluation and other areas of Workforce Management. Hopefully, I have created this in such a way it does not need much explanation. The list should be very relatable to all of you.

Open rebellion or cold war?

We have all seen the statistics of engaged and disengaged employees. 36% engaged, 48% disengaged and 16% ACTIVELY disengaged. Therefore, the total of disengaged employees is 64% or roughly two thirds. You are grossly outnumbered. There is a small number of instances where the disengaged are in open rebellion. An open rebellion would involve a large number of employees quitting at the same time.

Having difficulty in connecting your message to an employee

I have a confession to make. Very seldom do I engage with speakers. I go to a lot of different conferences, service club meetings, Church and business networking events. Most of the time I am far, far away and would not know it if the speaker yelled “FIRE!!” I end up having an “urgent” need to look something up on my phone, check my emails or count the number of ceiling tiles.