Chronically Open Positions

The first step has to be to reduce your employee turnover. However, a drop in employee turnover will immediately reduce your need to recruit. By reducing your turnover, the number of positions coming open is less. The number of positions staying open will also be reduced. Therefore you are recruiting less and thereby saving a lot of money.

What is your reputation as an employer in the candidate pool?

Some of the people in the candidate pool have already worked for you. What do you think they are saying about you? This was one of the biggest problems I had every time I started fighting the monster at a new organization. Think about it. An organization which has high turnover will inevitably have a bad reputation as someone to work for. Candidates will tell each other: “Go apply at Acme Widget – they will hire anyone.” Would you rather have them say: “If you go apply at Acme Widget – you better have your A game face on.”

Great employees are special and want to work somewhere special

Who are you as an employer? What does an employee who works for you look like? These are fundamental questions which can be used to build an Employer Brand that will attract special employees. You need to look at hiring employees the same way you look at landing a new customer. These fundamental questions will lead you to more questions which will help build a strategy and a system. This will be your bait on your hook.

The next issue is to find the right place to use your bait. I have not found an organization yet which has all the recruitment sources covered.

You must identify the right sources of people for your organization

As you can see, there is a lot to this issue. In many cases, one company in your industry has it figured out and everyone else is struggling. Wouldn’t you like to be the one who has it figured out?

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Your organization has an employer reputation. Your employer reputation is not what you think it is. Your reputation is what THEY think it is. They may be wrong. It may be easily proven to be wrong. But until you start getting the facts out there and effectively communicate, it will not change.