The finer arts of digging for clams and finding good people

The number one pain point I hear from clients is: “I can’t find good people!!” When I look into what they are doing to find people, the issues are all over the board. One of the biggest is they do not know where to look. They are doing what they know to do and are not being successful in meeting their desired goal.

The sources of people are infinite

My dad was a fighter pilot. When I was a kid, he flew airplanes and we saw the world. My all-time favorite place to live was Poquoson, Virginia which is close to Norfolk. During that year I was Tom Sawyer and loved every minute. Poquoson is a peninsula which sticks out into the Chesapeake Bay and we were surrounded on three sides by water. We had fishing, crabbing, quicksand, trees and an abandoned church with an old graveyard. For a little boy in third grade, it was heaven.

Another thing we had was clamming. Looking and digging for clams. One way you can dig for clams is to dig up the entire beach. Not a lot of fun and definitely not something a third grade boy wants to do. The easy way to find clams is to look for a depression in the sand or for a small hole in the sand. The goldmine is a small hole with water spurting out of it. Right below you is a clam. At that age, I was more interested in just digging up the clams. It was like I was digging up a pirates’ treasure chest.

You need to know the clues of a good source for your future employees

The first question is: what are the characteristics of their target employees? Identifying the recruiting sources of the target is now fairly easy. As we discussed above, finding a clam is not overly difficult if you know how. Recruiting is also a matter of knowledge, experience and persistence. Digging for clams once you know the spot is simply a matter of a short dig.

Most of the organizations with which I deal, do not have the financial resources to pay for a recruiter or for a temporary agency. However, they also do not have the knowledge or experience. They need some help building the strategy and system which will consistently bring the people they need and deserve.

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