8 secrets candidates won’t tell you

Recruiting is hard even in the best of circumstances. Unfortunately, most organizations are not in the best of circumstances. They also don’t know what it is which attracts and keeps great people. So let’s start at the beginning and discuss eight issues which I hear the most from the candidates’ point of view.

  1. They will take less money and move jobs for better benefits
  2. Authenticity and integrity are very important to them
  3. You cannot recover from a bad first impression
  4. Many times the employer reputation is not flattering
  5. They know an ex-employee who confirms the reputation
  6. They want to see you as more than just a job
  7. Your interviewer did not give them a good feeling
  8. Great employees have multiple opportunities

These items must be addressed proactively

Employee benefits must be solid and respond to a large portion of the candidate pool. Spend more on the main benefits desired by most people. Spend less on benefits which are impacting a smaller portion of your employee group. Trendy benefits are generally very expensive, disruptive and not impactful.

Being authentic in interviewing is the first clue to a candidate they will be treated well as an employee. Employees want to work for people who will listen and take their concerns to heart. Sometimes they just want to complain and other times they want something to be done - now. Your level of integrity in dealing with these issues will either make or break your employee engagement.

In this era of the internet and social media, your employer reputation has never been more “out there”. The candidate has so many connections through social media. LinkedIn and other platforms which offer company reviews are a gold mine for a candidate. If your organization has a negative employer reputation it will be known to the candidates. Your organizational employer resume is out there for all to see. If the candidate hears the same thing from multiple sources – you are toast.

You can change and then resurrect your employer reputation

Great employees are looking for more than just a job. They are looking for an opportunity with an organization which is going somewhere. Those organizations are on a mission and want people to join on the journey. Great employees have multiple opportunities in front of them. They are looking for you to convince them, you are the best choice. Your interviewer is the first face to face interaction they will have with your organization.

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