Employee turnover is killing my business

What 5 strategies reduce turnover in the first 6 months of employment?


Equifax states that 40% of all employee turnover happens in the first six months. Another 16% happens in the next six months. Therefore 56% of all turnover happens in the first year. Imagine the amount of time and money being spent to recruit, hire and train 56% of your employees who will not be with you in a year. 

There are two types of turnover: 

90% of exit interviews are deceptive - 5 strategies to learn the truth


“There was no relationship between the reasons given for leaving

the organization on the exit interview and in the survey."

- Validity of exit interviews

Richard A. Feinberg, Nina Jeppeson

Purdue University

People Profits Principle #87

Exit interviews do not get to the truth 90% of the time

Why would an employee who is leaving not tell us the real reason?

Employee value drives engagement - yes you read that right

Employee value drives employee engagement - yes you read that right      View this email in your browser

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Bags of Money - Part two

The Cost of Turnover

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