As the rate of turnover increases - the total cost becomes exponential

As the rate of turnover increases - the total cost becomes exponential
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"Costs of employee turnover are high and exponential."

Michael Davidson


As turnover rate increases, the cost rate increases and additional costs appear.


It is no longer just the cost of recruiting and vacant positions:  

  • It will begin to tear down your Employer Brand. 
  • Your image will be of a high turnover company - which is not attractive.
  • Your engagement and productivity will drop in direct proportion.
  • Your employees will stop recommending candidates.
  • Competitors will find it easier to attract your employees.
  • You will no longer be a factor in the "Talent War".     

Case study: A service company solved its' turnover problem by making necessary changes. The changes were wholeheartedly accepted by the employees. Senior technician turnover was virtually eliminated. Then a major change happened, employees of our competitors began to reach out to us for employment. Which obviously helped us and hurt our competitors.  

So if your offices are starting to look like this:  

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