Promises, Promises

Organizations are constantly making promises. They make promises to the employees, other organizations, customers, vendors and so on. What happens when your promises are not kept or are kept differently than expectations? The worst case I have ever come across was an organization which constantly made promises to their employees regarding pay raises. The problem was they very rarely kept their promises.

Broken promises destroy organizational integrity

The main promise they made was for a pay raise if the employee stayed for a specified period of time. “If you stay for another 3 months, I will get you a raise”. The problem was the manager did not have that authority. The manager would then blame it on his boss when the raise did not happen. Again, very rarely did it ever happen.

If you are a frequent reader, you know I am against pay raises based on some artificial time period. Pay raises should be based on increased employee value or a proven value not known earlier. How many times have you hired someone and within days realized they were going to be an outstanding employee? Why would you not give them a pay raise as soon as you realized their increased value? Seldom is the amount of the raise the important part, it is the action. Can you think of a good reason to wait? I can think of a lot of reasons to give them a pay raise immediately.

If a name just popped into your head, go give them a raise!

Value is also added by completing a development program or even a module of a larger program. There should be a discernable value from completing the module or program. If so, then the employee should receive something for the completion as soon as possible. I advocate the development program should be set up so that the Employee Development Department (Training) should be in direct contact with the employee.

The employee should be running their own program at their own pace. The rewards of completing the programs/modules should be spelled out in detail ahead of time. This is what will motivate your employees to move as quickly as possible through the program. Obviously, this will also increase their value to you at the same rate. This is at the heart of Value PathingTM.

This sets up a path of value and reward. Keep in mind, not all rewards are increased compensation. Some of the most powerful and motivating rewards, which we have developed, are not compensation. The path will eliminate the need for promises, broken or otherwise. It will also strengthen the organizational integrity and therefore engagement.

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