24% Skills Gap in Oklahoma solved by Value Pathing


24% Skills Gap in Oklahoma solved by Value Pathing
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Click on Gov. Fallin to view the offical State of Oklahoma video on the skills gap.

People Profits Principle #27


Value Pathing
will increase employee value, engagement
and retention while reducing cost and time.

Thereby, reducing your Skills Gap.
The goals of Value Pathing are:
  1. Take a warm pair of hands and DEVELOP them into what we need.
  2. Clearly identifies the VALUE POINTS along the path.
  3. Create IMMEDIATE value.
  4. MOTIVATE the employee to take charge of their own development.
  5. REWARD the employee for taking charge.
  6. Develop a clear and DOCUMENTED path for the employee.
  7. Developing what WE NEED – not employee desires.
This system brings the following results:

     1.  Organizational and employee AGREEMENT on the future Value Points. 
     2.  IMMEDIATE Organizational Value and Employee Reward.  
     3.  Marginal VALUE CREATION continues in the future.
     4.  Employee and Organizational goals and processes are ALIGNED. 
     5.  Easily ADJUSTED by INDIVIDUAL employees.
     6.  Works in ALL INDUSTRIES.    

Click here to calculate your cost of Turnover before Value Pathing!!
What does this mean for you? 
  1. The BREAKEVEN COST per employee is REDUCED. 
  2. The TIME before value creation is all but eliminated. 
  3. Voluntary employee turnover is all but ELIMINATED.
  4. Employee ENGAGEMENT and RETENTION is increased. 
  5. The organization is now primed for GROWTH!! 
People Profits case study: The Value Pathing process has been used many times and always with success. Whether in the service or the manufacturing arena, we have had the same results. A company that has the workers with the skills they need and employees making the kind of money they want to make. A side social benefit is to see employees who had a lack of motivation or self esteem - learn that they can do it! In each case turnover decreased dramatically, revenues and profits increased and customer satisfaction increased.    
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