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How do you increase the value of your largest employee segment?

Tue, 01/27/2015 - 09:50
How do you increase the value of your largest employee segment? 
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People Profits is redefining HR - by rejecting the mindset that created HR. We assist our clients by injecting fundamental business and financial principles into the HR function - which transforms HR from a COST center into a PROFIT center. Our expertise is based on developing a Human Capital Strategy and implementing our proprietary systems and processes that will increase the value of your greatest asset and your BOTTOM LINE.


A CEO said: "There are two types of people
- those who want to work and those who don't." 
I respectfully disagree. I think he is missing a third group - the largest group. 

I believe that there are THREE groups:  
  1. The "Self starters". The self motivated. Everyone reading this email.  
  2. The "Never got started". Unmotivated - live off the system.
  3. Lastly, the "Silent Majority" - My guess is 40-60% of employees.
    1. Must be EXTERNALLY motivated.They don't have it within themselves.
    2. When INTERVIEWED - you thought they would be a GOOD EMPLOYEE.
    3. They started well but DID NOT CONTINUE.
    4. Supervisors think they lack INITIATIVE. 
    5. Eventually something happens - they LEAVE or get FIRED.    
People Profits has a proprietary system that addresses this issue.
Consistently motivates this group and KEEPS THEM MOTIVATED! 

The system gives them what THEY WANT: 
  1. A structure going forward DIRECTLY LINKED to their job and value. 
  2. EASILY communicated and understood. 
  3. Employees help develop the structure - automatic BUY-IN. 
  4. Easily measured and used as a performance EVALUATION.  
So, if you think your employees think like this:     

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