You can't change a mindset by reading a book

Reading a book can start the process of changing a mindset

However, the new thought process must result in

changed BEHAVIOR and ACTION - which is the hardest part

Most people in HR have a Compliance - Transactional mindset:

     1. They see themselves as "Employee Advocates"

     2. Focusing on Employee Relations and soft skills
     3. They do not feel responsible for revenues/profits or

     4. The goals of the organization or its' leaders

That mindset is changing in the large corporations

To change a mindset you need:

  • An understanding the current mindset is an OBSTACLE
  • What will be GAINED by the change
  • That it is worth the RISK and EFFORT 
  • Support from those AROUND YOU
  • A PLAN OF ACTION which will drive you to the goals

Help and coaching from someone who has been there

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