Wouldn't it be nice if HR brought YOU money once?

“Many cost centers have been able to offset some of their expenses

by creatively generating unexpected revenue.”

- Larry Myler, Forbes magazine

Focus on the word "creatively"

HR is not considered a bastion of creativity.

People Profits Principle #16

As in all Return on Investment (ROI) decisions – HR should be evaluated on results not activity

When was the last time HR brought you a bag of money - EVER?

  1. When was the last time HR came up with a way to increase revenues?
  2. Cut and maintained turnover to a point that it meant REAL money?
  3. Developed a process that increased productivity?
  4. Attained the Employer of Choice designation?

All of these are REAL MONEY - not soft money

Why can't your HR people do this? 

  1. They don't see themselves as responsible for revenues.
  2. They can't build a strategy/system that will sustain any reduction in turnover.
  3. They are not hard wired to understand productivity. 
  4. They are not skilled in all the necessary areas to attain Employer of Choice. 

What can you do to help them?

Bring someone in who can help them:

  1. Review all the possibilities of revenue growth through Human Capital
  2. Use proven strategies and systems to reduce turnover.
  3. Determine what are the best strategies to increase productivity
  4. Pull together all the necessary pieces to attain Employer of Choice

HR can then start bringing you bags of money!!

People Profits case study: In multiple companies in multiple industries the People Profits proprietary concepts, strategies, systems and processes have turned HR into a profit center. Increasing revenues and profits, lowering turnover, increasing billing rates, engagement and productivity - that is how a profit center is built!! This is done by People Profits having a financial view of the HR function. We know what it takes to increase ROI on the greatest asset while engaging that asset.

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