Win the Talent War by playing the strengths and weaknesses of HR

The Talent War continues to get even more competitive
  • Strategies must be mapped out and documented
  • Contingency plans must be developed
  • Competitor strengths and weaknesses must be identified
  • The cost and ROI of the strategies must be calculated
Strategic thinking is considered to be a WEAKNESS of HR

Finding the "Devil in the Details" is considered to be a STRENGTH of HR
The best offensive strategies are bold and opportunistic
  • Bold strategies to overcome competitor defenses
  • Opportunistic requires the ability to switch direction quickly
  • Decisions made on the fly
  • Persistence while under adversity without losing sight of the goal 
Bold thinking is NOT considered to be a strength of HR
But persistence is a STRENGTH of HR!!
Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your HR department 
  • What areas do they need help?
  • What areas are they strong in? 
  • If you don't know for sure - get a professional opinion
  • What would it take to build strategies, systems, plans and processes 
What would it take to put HR on offense?