What solutions exist to the 7 employee problems every organization has?

"I have to gain control of my current employee base before I can grow."

- CEOs' everywhere

You can not grow when you spend all your time
trying to gain control of what you have. 

What can you do get control of your employee base?

People Profits Principle #15

All 7 areas of HR must work together to attain the desired results

CEOs complain about 7 areas regarding their employees:  

  1. Employee VALUE is LOW based on overall COST 
  2. Recruiting is INEFFECTIVE and SLOW
  3. Training COSTS TOO MUCH
  4. Employees QUIT SHORTLY after being hired
  5. Employees are NOT ENGAGED
  6. Performance VARIES WIDELY between employees
  7. Turnover is rampant even in SENIOR POSITIONS

Our free assessment demonstrates organizations are not making progress.

Progress is hindered by the lack of:  

  1. Identifying the actual ROOT CAUSES
  2. Comprehensive STRATEGIES
  3. TACTICS and PLANS attacking the root causes
  4. Strategies and plans ADJUSTED based on RESULTS
  5. DEVELOPING SYSTEMS to duplicate good results

Solutions to the seven problems can be: 

  1. Use the "3 FOR 4" system - fewer employees - less cost - higher production 
  2. Identify the "HOOK" we need to recruit employees
  3. Identify the ROOT CAUSE of TURNOVER - it drives training costs
  4. Eliminate hiring candidates who LACK FIT with culture and values
  5. Develop a SYSTEM and PROCESS to build real relationships with employees
  6. REWARD your HIGH PERFORMERS which will motivate everyone else
  7. Determine the REAL REASON they are leaving - seldom is it money 

  How much easier would life be if these issues were resolved??

People Profits case study: Strategies, systems and processes have been implemented in multiple vertical industries leading to lower turnover, higher engagement and less money being spent on recruiting and training. The industry itself had little to do with the strategies and systems. The issues focused on the company, culture, values, strategic plans and goals. The demographics of the employee base was also very important. Once the strategies and systems were developed and implemented - the results came quickly.

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