What is more important to you - employee handbooks or increasing ROI?


"Are your transgender policies up to date?
                                                                                                                              - HR Magazine published by the Society of HR Management

What is the focus of your HR function/department?

Are they on the paper treadmill or maximizing your "greatest asset"?

People Profits Principle #95

See HR differently -
demand more - expect more - receive more

Article titles from this months Society of HR Management (SHRM) magazine:  

  1. What is the NEXT BIG THING in employee assessment
  2. What to do when an employee REFUSES TO SIGN a handbook acknowledgment
  3. How to pick the right TECH PORTAL for on-boarding
  4. Why HR thinks it's important for jobseekers to BE ON SOCIAL MEDIA

Notice anything? There is nothing about:

  1. Return on Investment (ROI)
  2. Increasing REVENUES or PROFITS
  3. Maximizing your "GREATEST ASSET"
  4. Strategies, systems or FINANCIAL IMPACTS

If SHRM is not driving HR people to be more strategic and financial - who is?

CEOs should demand, expect and receive more from HR:

  1. How do we move HR OFF THE TREADMILL and into THE GAME?
  3. What does your HR function DO WELL and where do they NEED HELP?
  4. Does your HR function FOCUS ON THOSE ISSUES which impact ROI?
  5. How much TIME, EFFORT AND MONEY do they spend on "HR stuff"?

How much value is being wasted?

People Profits case study: The impact of a financial brain in HR is immediate and consistent over industries, geographies and cultures. Money is found, strategies are developed, systems built, plans and processes are implemented - results happen. The treadmill just wears everybody out. 

Profits and Growth through Human Capital Strategy and Systems

See HR differently

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