What is the difference in a revolt versus a revolution in your organization?

"A social movement that only moves people is a revolt.
A movement that changes both people and institutions is a revolution."

                                                                                                                                                                          - Martin Luther King Jr.

HR focuses on the relational side - trying to move people.

HR should spend their time aligning the people with the organization.

People Profits Principle #63

HR is a schizophrenic function
which explains the lack of results

It is hard for most HR people to think organizationally

If HR were focused on aligning the People with the Organization you would:  

  1. Reduce the emphasis on COMPLIANCE and meaningless activity
  2. Quit using "We might get sued" as an EXCUSE
  3. Have fewer ESOTERIC "Team building" activities
  4. Turn HR from a COST center to a PROFIT center. 

A shortage of certain skills in HR creates an obstacle to change

The employees are not the problem, they want: 

  1. To be INVOLVED and get RESULTS
  2. To make MORE MONEY and they understand the VALUE ISSUES
  3. To work with other PRODUCTIVE ENGAGED employees
  4. To be CHALLENGED and provide SUGGESTIONS
  5. A supervisor who has INTEGRITY and RESPECTABLE

How do you align these employee desires with organizational success?

What does your HR function need to do to align the People and the Organization?   

  1. What are your ISSUES? Turnover, skills gap, bad supervisors, low productivity?
  2. Is there a PRIORITY RANKING to the issues?
  3. What are the RESULTS that must be achieved TO SOLVE the issues?
  4. What are the STRATEGY, SYSTEMS and PROCESSES necessary?
  5. Best method of COMMUNICATING to your organization for the best results?

  What skills does your HR function not have to make this happen?

People Profits case study: A publicly held manufacturing company had a HR function that consisted of payroll, benefits and operational training. Turnover was ridiculously high, a compensation plan that was motivating no one, nonexistent proactive recruiting and a performance review procedure which was nothing more than a "check the box" HR activity. A strategy was developed with aligned systems and processes. The results were immediate and very positive. Turnover became almost nonexistent, the new compensation plan was accepted very positively, recruiting became almost unnecessary and performance review was rolled into the Value Pathing system.

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