What are 4 profit enhancements of a no cost Human Capital diagnosis?

“Investments should be reviewed each year for appropriateness and strategy alignment.” 

 - Conventional investment wisdom

When was the last time your Human Capital investments were reviewed?

HR generally do not see themselves as an "investment".

People Profits Principle #23

HR always wants to invest money today
for unknown benefits in the future

HR has what is called a "HR Audit". The focus is on two issues:

  1. Compliance - documentation
  2. Employee relations. 

These are not the hard dollar issues of HR

The People Profits Diagnosis focuses on: 

  1. Aligning the goals of the organization and the people
  2. Documenting the cohesive strategies for all seven Human Capital functions
  3. Identifying the Revenue and Profit opportunities that HR can effect
  4. Prioritize the strategies, systems and plans required
  5. Identify those Human Capital skills the organization lacks
  6. Build a "road map" to the desired results 

The difference between the Audit and Diagnosis is dramatic!!

The Profit enhancements of the Diagnosis are:

  1. Employee turnover is reduced and in most cases significantly reduced
  2. Revenues and Profits are realized that were not being captured
  3. Recruiting and other HR costs are reduced
  4. Employer of Choice is now a realistic goal with engagement increased

There is a free 35 question ASSESSMENT on our website - click below 
The free DIAGNOSTIC is a day or two process which is a much deeper dive

People Profits case study: Business owners want and appreciate an upfront diagnosis of the problems with agreed upon strategies and systems to make the issues better. The People Profits diagnosis makes it easy to see the correlation between the symptoms and the root causes. Then the plans to resolve the root causes make sense. All of this happens due to the financial view of HR that People Profits has. The hard dollar value is easily shown and allows for the process to move forward.

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