What 5 mistakes separate "Compliance Employers" from an "Employer of Choice"?

"What can I do to become the Employer of Choice?"

- Every CEOs' desire

Certain strategies virtually guarantee becoming
the Employer of Choice with lots of applicants

Legal compliance is important - 
but should not be the focus of your HR function/department

People Profits Principle #8

Employment Law is the floor -
above it is a blue sky of opportunities

The 5 mistakes organizations make who ARE NOT the Employer of Choice are:  

  1. Their Vision, Mission and Values either don't exist or not relevant 
  2. The organization is either stagnant or retreating
  3. They don't see their employees as real people
  4. They limit wages as low as possible
  5. Their HR focus is on compliance and meaningless employee relations

Years of surveys have told us the top 5 criteria for employees are:

  1. Job security
  2. Opportunity to use individual skills and abilities
  3. Organizations financial security
  4. Relationship with immediate supervisor
  5. Compensation

Notice that compensation is number 5!!

Reviewing those two lists leads to many answers - a few below:

  1. Know where you are going, how you are going to get there with credibility
  2. See each of your employees as a person with individual skills and dreams
  3. See wages as an investment and as a driver of strategy
  4. Invest, communicate and empower your immediate supervisors
  5. HR needs to focus less on compliance and more on strategies and systems

Think of the money to be saved and made!!

People Profits case study: A manufacturing/service company went from losing all their senior highly skilled workers to being the Employer of Choice in our industry. This was done by implementing strategies and systems which focused, not on compliance, but on the business plan. We used the well known criteria which employees have identified as to what makes them satisfied with an employer.

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