Their 3 greatest accomplishments tells you everything

Want a quick way to learn alot about somebody quickly?

Ask them to discuss their 3 greatest accomplishments and WHY it is those 3

You can use this numerous ways:

  1. In a job interview - then ask their 3 greatest failures
  2. In a performance review - then ask how it added value to the organization
  3. As a Department - then ask how they added value over their costs
  4. As a Manager - then ask how it built up another employee
  5. As an Executive - then ask how it built up the company and employees
It is seldom the accomplishment - but the journey, the impact and the WHY

People Profits case study: Far too many times when I interview a candidate - I ask this question. Seldom are all 3 accomplishments on the resume. The discussion of HOW and WHY it happened is very enlightening. Many times what I learn from that one question points me in a direction of whether I am going to hire or not hire. This one simple question can tell me volumes about values, fit, culture issues and team interaction. 

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