Tansactions/Compliance OR Strategy/Bottom Line $$$ focused?

Transactions/Compliance OR Strategy/Bottom Line $$$ focused? 
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People Profits is redefining HR - by rejecting the mindset that created HR. We assist our clients by injecting fundamental business and financial principles into the HR function - which transforms HR from a COST center into a PROFIT center. Our expertise is based on developing a Human Capital Strategy and implementing our proprietary systems and processes that will increase the value of your greatest asset and your BOTTOM LINE.


"HR should not be defined by what it does but what it delivers -
results that enrich the organization's value...

              Dave Ulrich, Harvard Business Review, January 1998

People Profits is redefining HR by:

  • REJECTING the mindset that created HR.
  • Injecting business and financial PRINCIPLES into the HR function
  • Transforming HR from a COST to a PROFIT center.
  • Developing CUSTOM Human Capital Strategies and Plans,
  • Implementing our PROPRIETARY systems and processes; thereby,
  • Increasing the VALUE of your “Greatest Asset” and your BOTTOM LINE.
Whether your HR function consists of an Office Manager or 20 professionals.

People Profits can help them by refocusing from:

  • Transactional to STRATEGIC,
  • Conformity to LEADERSHIP,
  • Limited functional skills to well-rounded BUSINESS LEADERS.
Case study: The results should be measured against the ROI of the HR department. A company reduced its' employee turnover by 42% over three years and saved $1.4 million EACH year. This savings alone was a 65% ROI on the cost of the HR Department. All other savings, revenue increases and productivity gains were on TOP of this ROI!!
So, if your HR people look like this:
and you want them to look like this:
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