"Stuff" and why it keeps HR from being a Profit Center


How we in HR see ourselves - lots of "Stuff"!!

Hidden in all of this "Stuff" is "Business Acumen" and "Successful Business Outcomes"


This is how the C-Suite sees HR

It is all about Revenues, Profits or a Plan to get them

Everything else is STUFF!!

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People Profits case study: Every HR department that I have reviewed were doing activity that was unnecessary and was not leading to results. Much less the very specific results that the C-Suite is looking for. Even the Society of HR Management has published a Body of Knowledge and Competency that focuses on "stuff" and has "Business Results" off in a corner. Business Results should be a circle encompassing the "stuff". 

Bridging the DISCONNECT between HR and the rest of the organization

Reducing the frustration felt by both the Organization and HR
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