Strategic conflicts cost you time and $$$

Strategic conflicts cost you time and $$$
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"100% of HR strategies contain conflicts which cost organizations time and $$$."

-Clark Ingram, President
People Profits, LLC        

Seven parts exist in all Human Capital strategies. In EVERY organization I have encountered, there were CONFLICTS between the different parts.

What does that mean for YOU?

  • Mediocre results,
  • Capital spent,
  • Time lost.

When you eliminate the conflicts - what happens?

  • You get the RESULTS you want.
  • The $$$ spent is REDUCED!!
  • The FRUSTRATION and CHAOS is minimized. 

The issue is simple: 

  • 7 parts exist in all HR strategies.
    • Most HR people are NOT experts in more then one or two of them.
  • 24 sub-parts also exist.
  • INNUMERABLE options due to Organizational:
    • Vision and Mission
    • Goals and Structure
    • Culture and Values
    • Employee demographics
      • to list a few - but you get the idea. 
All of these moving parts need a STRATEGIC and FINANCIAL mind
- who has done this SUCCESSFULLY many times in the past. 

Case Study: One organization went from nearly going out of business due to a lack of skilled workers to being the Employer of Choice. Which led to being able to attract its' competitors' employees and higher revenues and profits.   

So, if you feel like you are having to push and pull your Employees and you are ready for a break.   


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