She is a STUD!!


“I can't find good employees!”

- Common client complaint

What if your employees worked together and enjoyed being with each other?

People Profits Principle #85

Everyone wants to work with a good employee who is also fun.

Recently I had the opportunity to overhear a conversation.

  1. An employee of Company A was at a location owned by Company B.
  2. The employee saw Company B had posted on a white board
  3. They had recently hired two new employees.
  4. The employee of Company A said to the supervisor of Company B
  5. She is a Stud!” referring to one of the two newly hired employees.

The supervisor clearly respected the opinion of the employee of Company A.

  1. They spoke for a few minutes as to why he thought she was a “Stud”.
    1. He relayed that she knew what she was doing,
    2. Would pitch in and help,
    3. Would find things to do and
    4. Was fun to work with.
  2. The supervisor was clearly excited about hearing the news

What do you think happened next?

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