The question your HR leader should ask themselves which will increase profits

"What SKILL do I NEED which would bring the most VALUE to my organization?"

CEOs agreed on "Business Acumen" - 2015 Deloitte Consulting HR Trends report

HR people bring alot to to the table. Do you question that they:

  1. Are diligent and want to make things better?
  2. Are willing to go the extra mile to make it happen?
  3. Want the organization to succeed?
  4. Want the workforce to engage, be happy and succeed?
The actual question is can they identify, learn and apply the needed skill?

Could they use help learning and applying this skill?

People Profits case study: People in HR almost always come from one of the disciplines of HR. Recruiting, Benefits, Training, Employee Relations, are the most common. When they move to being a HR Manager , they are strong and skilled in that one area. They may not be skilled in the other areas. They almost certainly not skilled in business or finance. Many HR people are very relational and therefore are not "numbers" people. The lack of skills is obvious. They do not need to be replaced!! They need training and mentoring. When someone helps them build the strategies, goals and tactics they are very good at doing the transactions that are required. Then they become the true managers of your greatest asset!!

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