Popular Workshops


Popular Workshops

  • Do you have trouble finding good people?
  • Not just warm bodies – really good people to help you grow your business?
  • Do you have to keep bad people because all the good people quit?
  • Do you wish you could cultivate an image that attracted good people to you?
  • Do your people seem to be unmotivated and just “putting in time”?

Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) need expertise to point them in the right direction. They can’t afford one on one consulting. For that reason People Profits has developed a series of workshops to help the SMBs with their People issues.  

People Profits conducts a series of 3 hour Workshops, with three exercises each, that cuts to the heart of the People issues that SMBs deal with every day. These exercises are laser focused on tangible actions solving the People problems that plague all SMBs. Your business will be set apart from the crowd resulting in increased revenue, profit and value. To maximize the personal attention the workshops are limited to 25 seats.

Most importantly, you will walk out of each workshop with a written individualized PLAN OF ACTION!!  

Workshop 1: The Foundation - To build an effective People Strategy and Plan we must build a great foundation.   MORE>>>

 Workshop 2: Taking Control of your Employees - I have to keep bad employees because my good employees quit and I have to have someone to do the work!”

                                                                                      So who is in control? - THE BAD EMPLOYEES!!   MORE>>>

Workshop 3: Engage your Employees!! - How much fun would it be to work with the same engaged productive people every day?  MORE>>>

Workshop 4: Motivate and retain!! - “I just want my employees to do what I ask them to do!!”   MORE>>>

Workshop 5- Know who you are interviewing – before it is too late!! - “He was totally different during the interview!!” “How was I supposed to know that …..”   MORE>>>