The organizational value released when we bridge the HR disconnect

Both sides agree - there is a disconnect between the organization and HR

What can we do to reduce or eliminate this disconnect?

And realize the value that is being held?


Generally, the C-Suite and HR do not:

  1. Agree on the goals they are seeking
  2. Agree on the priorities of the goals
  3. See the same path to those goals
  4. Speak the same language
  5. Know how to get on the same page and path
They need help to bridge the gap and eliminate the conflicts

Which will release enormous value!! 

People Profits case study: People Profits has seen when the disconnect is eliminated and the path and the goals are aligned. The issue is not blame or fault - but rather what can be done to make it better. The organization and the people will be better for it. The people, your greatest asset, are caught in the middle. They are the collateral damage of the disconnect. If the disconnect is eliminated or even reduced the value of your greatest asset will grow exponentially. It has happened in other organizations and it can happen in yours!!

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