Numbers don't randomly change overnight - people do - how to prepare


I have said to many a CFO: "HR is harder because numbers don't change over night - employees do!"

Most CFOs don't disagree


CFOs are proactive planners with numerous contingency

plans and can change in a moments notice 

HR is not strong in any of those areas

This is NOT just succession planning



Planning in all areas of HR: 
  • What can change overnight?
  • Who can change - not just leave but become dramatically less productive?
  • What are the worst case scenarios for each situation?
  • How much could it cost?
  • What are all the options to fix it?
HR must become a proactive manager of the "Greatest Asset"


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People Profits Principle 59:  The need to throw a lot of resources/people at a problem can be alleviated by better planning


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