HR is a zillion tactics looking for a strategy

HR spends time and resources ($$$) doing activity

The question is whether all the activity leads to the desired results

Without a winning strategy - activity is worthless:

  1. What is the documented Human Capital Vision, Mission and Strategy?
  2. What activity is working toward that strategy and getting results?
  3. Are there any activity that is leading to negative results?
  4. Are there any activities which are conflicting and costing money?
  5. Going forward are you monitoring for unproductive activity?
Demand a documented Human Capital Strategy
with an agreed upon calculation of Return On Investment (ROI)
People Profits case study: A medical services company had thousands of employees and a full HR department. There was no documented or even stated Human Capital Vision, Mission or Strategy. Turnover was unbelievably high and stagnant for years. Recruiting was overwhelmed. Engagement was non-existent. HR was performing a ton of activity and had no successes to point to. Unfortunately, too many HR departments are like this one. A Vision and Strategy was established and the activity began to immediately show progress toward the Goals.
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