HR is a schizophrenic function - explaining the lack of results

Do you wonder why your HR function does not get the results you want? 

People Profits Principle #63
HR is a schizophrenic function which explains the lack of results
Most business functions are focused on ONE BASIC SKILL SET.
HR is different - there are TWO VERY DIFFERENT SKILL SETS.


The first and most represented skill set is RELATIONAL which shows up in:

  1. Employee Relations
  2. Development
  3. Engagement
  4. Deployment
  5. Performance Evaluation and even
  6. Recruiting to a large degree.

Many HR people GRAVITATE TOWARD HR for this very reason.

They are generally relational extroverts and “want to help people”.

The second skill SET is FINANCIAL. Which most HR people do not concern themselves:

  1. Most HR people ARE NOT “numbers people”
  2. They have LITTLE APTITUDE for ROI, Cost of Capital and the like.
  3. I have only met one other HR person who had A DEGREE IN FINANCE.
  4. HR people DO NOT SEE HR RESPONSIBLE for revenues, profits or ROI.
  6. They spend ALL OF THEIR TIME/ENERGY on the relational side of HR.

People Profits is redefining HR - by rejecting the mindset that created HR. We assist our clients by injecting fundamental business and financial principles into the HR function. HR is transformed from a COST center into a PROFIT center and your HR department into organizational heroes. Our expertise is based on developing a Human Capital Strategy and implementing our proprietary systems and processes that will increase the value of your greatest asset and your BOTTOM LINE.

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