HR needs to quit playing defense only and go on offense

Playing defense is by definition reactive and action blocking
  • Defenses can be very expensive while also being totally ineffective
  • Defenses can score points but generally don't
  • Defenses are cost centers and have limited ROI
  • Defenses promote activity with the "result" being to prevent something
  • Risk is limited and frowned upon
HR has always been on the defensive side of the ball
Playing offense is by nature proactive, action and goal oriented
  • The goal of an offense is to score points (ROI)
  • Offenses are willing to expend vast resources for the desired return
  • They take risks, do the unexpected and try new things
  • Any positive movement is celebrated and leads to additional action
  • Constant change and improvement is expected 
Strategy, planning and evaluating results are key

Want to score some touchdowns?

What does a HR touchdown look like?
Here are a few examples:
  • Manage the "greatest asset" to INCREASE REVENUES AND PROFITS
  • Manage the "greatest asset" to INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY 
  • Cut turnover by at least 10% IN THE FIRST YEAR
  • Achieve the above AT NO ADDITIONAL COST as a % of revenues
Now you are playing offense!!

But this was just the first score - there are more to come!!

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