How do you clone your best employees?

How do you clone your best employees?

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I wish I could just clone Bob."


People Profits Principle #66


There are ways to clone your best employees

Would you enjoy working every day with the
same engaged, smart people who share your values/goals?

If I ask a business owner or CEO: "Who is your best employee?": 

  1. 9 out of 10 times they can identify someone IMMEDIATELY 
  2. They know them by NAME and specifically what THEY DO
  3. The phrase "THEY GET IT" is used 

When you ask them "WHY?" they are the best employee: 

  1. The answer is always LESS CLEAR
  2. Many times there is a definite LACK OF OBJECTIVITY
  3. How long they have BEEN THERE is prominent
  4. They STRUGGLE to pin point the reasons

As the conversation moves forward:

  1. The "whys" come into FOCUS 
  2. MORE objectivity comes into view
  3. SPECIFIC personality traits, values, thought processes
  4. And most importantly, WHAT RESULTS THEY ACHIEVING

But there is a very real DANGER in trying to do this

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So what is the DANGER? Many times a "profile" is created

  1. Based on the employees PERSONALITY or 
  2. A set of organizational VALUES or
  3. A set of SKILLS or
  4. Some other set of criteria

We have found this can be accomplished but
must be done with serious and meaningful considerations 


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People Profits case study: For a manufacturing/distribution company, we were able to identify all of the objective criteria we were looking for in our candidates. Using those criteria in our attracting, selecting, investing, on-boarding and performance evaluation we were able to reduce employee turnover by almost 50% in 3 years. This saved $1.1 million a year.


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