How 60% of your employees will fill your Skills Gap

How 60% of your employees will fill your Skills Gap
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There are two types of people, those who want to work and those who don’t.
- Anonymous

Click on Mike Rowe of "Dirty Jobs" to hear his take on the Skills Gap

People Profits Principle #70


60% of your employees need
to be SHOWN how to be successful

Thereby, reducing your Skills Gap.
There are not just two groups of "workers" and "non-workers". There is a third group:
  1. They make up approximately 60% of your workforce
  2. They desire to learn more and do more
  3. They DIFFER from the "worker" group who can visualize the path to success
  4. They need someone to SHOW THEM HOW to succeed and
  5. GIVE THEM THE TOOLS to make it happen. 

The Value Path from the employees’ perspective must be: 

  1. DETAILED explanation of what needs to happen
  2. Specific GOALS and objective CRITERIA to determine each goals completion
  3. Clear relevant REWARD PROGRAM for success
  4. In THEIR field of interest
  5. Must motivate them to SEIZE THE RESPONSIBILITY of their own development
  6. A history of employees SUCCEEDING
  7. Clear ALIGNMENT between employee and organizational success 

Click here to calculate your Skills Gap Cost and Value Pathing ROI!!
What does this mean for you? 
  1. The BREAK EVEN COST per employee is REDUCED. 
  2. The TIME before value creation is all but eliminated. 
  3. Voluntary employee turnover is all but ELIMINATED.
  4. Employee ENGAGEMENT and RETENTION is increased. 
  5. The organization is now primed for GROWTH!! 
People Profits case study: In every case, Value Pathing has been whole heartedly embraced by the employees. They saw the successes and bought into the process. Many employees have told me the system inherently made sense to them and was easily followed. Regardless of whether the employees were in the service or the manufacturing space, we have had the same results. Engagement, employee value and morale were up. Costs and turnover went down. Employees had no employment reason to leave as they made more money working for us then they could make elsewhere. A side social benefit is to see employees who had a lack of motivation or self esteem - learn that they can do it!     
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