Employee Value Mapping (TM)

Concerned about the COST vs. the VALUE of your employees?
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Employee Value MappingTM creates immediate VALUE.    

Career Paths, though an accepted part of Employee Management, CREATE SEVERAL PROBLEMS:

  1. They are EMPLOYEE focused.
  2. They are long term in nature.
  3. Therefore they do not create IMMEDIATE VALUE. 

People Profits has developed a system called Employee Value Mapping. This system brings the following results:

  1. Clearly IDENTIFIES all the future Value Points. 
  2. Value creation begins IMMEDIATELY. 
  3. MARGINAL value creation continues in the future.
  4. Employee and Organizational desired outcomes are IDENTICAL. 
  5. Easily adjusted for INDIVIDUAL employees.   

What does this mean for you? 

  • The BREAKEVEN COST per employee is REDUCED. 
  • The TIME before value creation is all but eliminated. 
  • Employee ENGAGEMENT and RETENTION is increased. 
  • The organization is now primed for GROWTH!! 
To achieve the results that organizations need from their Employees 
- we need to use a NEW MINDSET. Not the same old mindset known as "HR". 

Case Study: An organization implemented Employee Value MappingTM  - the employees and managers bought into it quickly. Therefore, the situation also changed quickly and dramatically. Frustration and employee turnover dropped. Employee engagement increased dramatically and opportunites for company growth came quickly.    

So, if you think your employees look like this sometimes....   


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