Employee turnover is globally consistent

Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to speak with numerous people all over the globe. Whether they were in North or South America, Europe, Asia or Australia the discussions were identical. Everyone agreed employee turnover is a huge problem. They also shared their employee turnover never became dramatically better. Many times a small improvement would be short lived. They also all had stories of other competing organizations who somehow did not struggle with employee turnover. They shared questionable reasons how these other organizations had this good fortune. They also had ready excuses why their organization could not attain this result.

Low employee turnover is achievable and maintainable

Everyone discussed the symptoms with well-worn experience. Many idealistic business clichés were used which were all true but lacked depth. No one could discuss a proven process of reducing and maintaining low employee turnover. I sensed some of them believed you were either blessed with low employee turnover or not.  

I asked them if zero employee turnover was a worthy goal. They questioned if it was even achievable or organizationally advantageous. My follow up question was, how powerful would it be if they had zero employee turnover at their senior money making positions. In each case, a short silence was followed by a rapid fire reaction of the money which could be made and saved. Many of them questioned how it was possible. They were astounded when I detailed past achievements.

The problem is consistent everywhere, so is the solution

In these discussions, I was looking for differences in the issues and symptoms. As we spoke about each of their organizations, there was nothing new. In each case, their problems reminded me of issues with organizations I had previously worked. The meetings, at some point, moved on to solutions. Again, I was searching for differences which would show me that previous solutions would not work. Not only did I not find the differences I became firmly convinced of the applicability of my process.

Last but not least were the potential results of reducing turnover. The cost savings, engagement issues and the strengthening of the culture were identical. There were the same opportunities for additional revenue and the commencement of new product and service lines. All of this leads to the obvious conclusion.

Global employee turnover can be solved by the same proven process.