Do you have trouble retaining your best people?

Do you have trouble retaining your best people?
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"My best people always leave!!"

- Common frustration voiced by Business Owners/CEOs

People Profits Principle #6


Good people always have a job - what they want is an opportunity.

"Opportunity" can be any number of things: 

  • More money, 
  • Fancier title,
  • More authority,
  • More involvement in planning or decision making, 
  • To do something that they have a special interest in,
  • The list goes on and on.......
You need strategies and systems to reduce the "competency drain":
  • They must be proactive!!
  • They must respond to all potential drains.
  • They must be relevant to the root causes of the drains.
  • They must foster communication with the employee. 
If you do not have strategies in place and working - 
you are at the mercy of your competition.

Case study: A manufacturing/service company was having a "competency drain" in the back bone of the company. The root causes of the drains were identified, options were formulated and assessed. Once implemented the drains stopped almost immediately. Soon some of the previous employees applied to return to work for us.      

Is this your view of your Human Capital as they are leaving?

The exodus can be stopped with a strategy, a plan and implementation help.
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