Continuous improvement and your workforce

Quality + Value = Success

The above equation is a fundamental building block of Continuous Improvement and Lean Manufacturing. It is also a very good starting point in regard to your workforce. All of your workforce strategies, systems and processes need to be focused on quality and value. The very first step would be in your hiring process. You cannot settle for anything less than quality hires every time. As it is in the manufacturing process, taking a short cut, will cost you.

Continuous Improvement would benefit workforce management

Continuous improvement experts set up rigorous processes to maximize quality and value. They also set up a continuous review of the process for further refinements. This fundamental mindset with the related management processes can and will bring the same level of quality and value to your workforce. Many of the services provided by People Profits are rooted in Continuous Improvement. We seldom see organizations consistently reviewing their processes regarding the workforce. There is a consistent disconnect between the process and the results.

Your hiring process should be focused on maximizing the quality and long term value of your hires. Many organizations would have to change their hiring process if quality and long term value were the required results. Organizations who focus exclusively on interviewing, getting people hired and on board have predictably bad results. It is a numbers game to them and the only real result is getting people hired. These organizations will never look closely at their employee turnover and the resulting cost.

The changes in mindset will be dramatic

Organizations have a wide degree of sophistication in their hiring. They can spend a ton of time and money and have equally bad results. This group is always process heavy while not taking their time to routinely evaluate their results. In continuous improvement circles it is the result which always rules. I have seen many organizations so attached to their process they never perform this evaluation. As with most reviews, the majority of the process adjustments will be minor in nature. It is the changes in mindset which will be rather dramatic.

These mindset changes would mirror the changes made on the manufacturing floor many years ago. The management of our people must result in quality and value in the long term.