67% of your employees are actively or passively job hunting!!

67% of your employees are actively or passively job hunting
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"49% are not engaged
18% are actively disengaged"

-Gallup research, 2014

What is your ENGAGEMENT strategy?

  • Hoping the employee will "Get It" someday?
    • With the "IT" being undefined? 
    • If you can't define it - how can they? 
  • They will just "FIT IN"?
  • High incomes and expensive Employee Benefits? 

Along with Pay and Benefits, seven areas that drive employee engagement are: 

  • Job security
  • Opportunities to use personal skills and abilities
  • Organizational financial stability
  • Relationship with immediate supervisor - a key ingredient 
  • Communication between employees and executive management
  • The work itself
  • Autonomy and independence 
How do you use these to proactively drive engagment? 

The goal is an engagement system that begins BEFORE they are an employee. 
Case Study: One organizations' engagement attained a level that turnover ceased and profitability soared to new records. Recruiting became nearly irrelevant as no one left.  

So, if you think Employee engagement looks like this:  


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