5 ways HR can EARN respect from the C-Suite using hard $$$

Organizations are focused on being leaner and more productive year over year

HR should be one of the leaders in that movement; but in most cases are "no shows"

HR must bring hard dollars to the table to EARN the respect they want from the C-Suite:

  1. Leverage the "Greatest Asset" to increase Revenues and Profits
  2. Identify "PEOPLE" costs which are not providing returns
  3. Identify "People" investments with a direct hard dollar impact
  4. Eliminate any HR activities not rooted in hard dollar returns
  5. Creative ideas and solutions by HR should be common place
Other departments think and operate this way

HARD DOLLAR returns managing the "greatest asset" should not be difficult

People Profits case study: HR as a function does not do a good job of the Financial, Strategic and Planning aspects of what we do. HR must take ownership of the management of the "Greatest Asset". They must do this by focusing on what drives the results that are needed and in the form that the C-Suite understands. When this is accomplished - HR becomes a Profit Center. I have had the opportunity to do this multiple times. It is a mindset that most HR professionals do not have.  

Bridging the DISCONNECT between HR and the rest of the organization

Reducing the frustration felt by both the Organization and HR
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