15 - 30% mastery is failure - resulting in negative results

15 - 30% mastery is failure - resulting in negative results
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Do you really want to go down "Failing Street"? 

People Profits Principle #15


All 7 areas of HR must work together
to attain the desired results.


Most HR professionals are proficient in 1 (maybe 2) of the 7 areas of HR. 
This means that they are succeeding between 15 - 30% of the time.

The progression of most HR careers is as follows:

  1. They graduate with a degree OTHER THEN Finance or Business
  2. They go to work for a very LARGE CORPORATION
  3. They work in ONE OF the departments in HR
  4. They get experience in the ONE AREA of HR
  5. After 5 years they are ready for a "NEW CHALLENGE"
  6. They are hired by a SMALLER COMPANY as the HR Manager
The problems arrive quickly as they are now in charge of all 7 aspects of HR.
The HR Manager is lost in the other 5 or 6 areas they are not proficient.

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The consequences are:
  1. You will be FAILING in 5 - 6 areas. 
  2. The seven areas of HR will CONFLICT due to a lack of understanding.
  3. You will spend TOO MUCH MONEY due to the conflicts. 
  4. The HR Manager will NOT KNOW how to fix it.
  5. You will get frustrated with the lack of results.  
People Profits case study: A service company had a great employer reputation, received many qualified applications and kept the employees they wanted to keep. However they routinely failed in selecting the right candidate for their openings. After an analysis it was determined a thorough overhaul of their selection process and some employee development was needed. This led to results aligned with the needs of the company. Their involuntary terminations of employees with less then 1 year of experience dropped by 85% in the first year.   
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