Who We Are

People Profits is a financially focused Human Capital Consulting firm located in Oklahoma City, OK. We focus on three issues which we believe are three of the biggest issues facing organizations.

Employee Turnover
Chronically open positions
Skills Gap

People Profits sees some Human Capital Management issues differently than conventional HR wisdom. We reject the idea that you have to choose between putting People or Profits first. We reject the question itself as being destabilizing. Our logo explains it best, People and Profits tied together with an infinity sign. When you join the two – magic happens. Everyone benefits, stability is increased and friction between the two issues is eliminated.

People Profits helps our clients identify their root causes of the three above issues. We help develop a plan with strategies, systems, and processes which will eliminate the root causes. We help implement the plan as needed by each client. We help maintain the strategies and systems.

Once your workforce is stable, People Profits helps companies grow to meet their purpose.

Clark Ingram