You need a treatment plan for your employee turnover

When you go to the doctor for a problem he is going to ask you some questions about your symptoms and medical history. He is then going to run some tests and determine the root cause(s) of your symptoms. He will then develop a treatment plan to address the root cause(s). The doctor will review his treatment plan with you and answer any questions you might have.  Generally the patient has little knowledge or experience in what is being discussed and trusts the doctor as the expert.

This is the same process which People Profits uses. When business owners and managers contact us they always talk in symptoms. They have little knowledge or understanding of what is really driving their employee turnover. They are looking for an expert who they can trust and a treatment plan which makes logical sense. In both cases, the “patient” is looking for some progress quickly.

First – stop the bleeding

Recently, I had a minor medical issue which left me with my right side of my face swollen. The first thought was I had a tooth infection. The doctor hit me with some anti-inflammatories and antibiotics. By the next morning I saw a marked improvement in the swelling. Clearly the plan was working and my trust in the doctor was increased from an already high degree.

Business owners are looking for the same thing. They are not expecting their employee turnover, chronically open positions and skills gap to magically go away overnight. But they are also looking for progress which can be tied to the treatment plan. They want to feel good and have their level of trust in us to increase quickly. They want some evidence we are on the right track.

Fewer people, less cost, higher productivity - it can happen!

For a manufacturing client the “quick start” issue was the increased staffing of the production lines. Within a matter of days they went from a 20-30% shortage of line workers to being fully staffed. They were in the process of canceling a couple of orders when they realized they would be able to produce the orders after all. As we moved along, progress continued in all areas. As in all plans, adjustments were needed. The point is we continued to eliminate the pain of the root causes.

Do you need a treatment plan?