You need to be special to attract special people

You need to be special to attract special people
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"There's nothing more invigorating than being deeply involved with a small
company and a young team of founders out to do something incredibly special."

Michael Moritz, billionaire Venture Capitalist


Great employees are special and want to work somewhere special.

Most companies are special in some way - some need help seeing it.


What special people want to know is: 

  • What makes your company special as an employer?  
  • Where are you going as an organization? 
  • Why should I believe we can get to the goal(s)? 
  • How am I going to make a difference?
  • Am I going to fit into the culture and values?  

Case study: The vast majority of companies I come in contact with do not do a good job of marketing for employees - aka recruiting. The biggest issue is that they don't use what is special about them to attract the great/special employees. Once we identify and develop how we are going to use those attributes - their recruiting strategy and plans are changed forever.   

So if you see yourself standing out from the crowd:


and you want to turbocharge your recruiting strategy. 

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