Workshop Partners

Workshop Partner Applications being Accepted!!

People Profits is looking for Workshop Partners that will work with us to present workshops to our target audience – the Small to Medium size Businesses (SMB). People Profits has found that most SMBs do not have the money to invest in one on one consulting - however they have all the same problems as larger companies. To give the SMBs the benefits of one on one consulting without the cost we have developed a group of five workshops to help the SMBs with their People Problems.
The workshops last for three hours and focus on three specific issues that all SMBs have in regard to their People. At the end of the workshop the SMBs have a specific customized plan of action for each of those three issues. The cost per participant is $300.  
Who would make a good Partner?
  • Labor lawyers
  • Institutions of Higher Learning
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Business groups
  • Bankers
  • HR vendors of all types – payroll providers, trainers, recruiters
  • Strategic business consultants
  • Large employers in small towns
What are the benefits of being a Partner?
  • Bringing a “value add” to your Clients or Members.
  • Additional contact with your Clients/Members.
  • Opportunity to bring in potential new Client/Members.
  • 15% of the gross. Example: 25 participants x $300 x 15% = $1,125
  • Additional workshops would have the same split.
What does a Partner need to do?
  • Provide a contact list of potential participants – the more the better!! (Best Workshop size is 20 - 25)
  • Endorse the workshop as being of high value.
  • If possible, provide a suitable location for the workshop.
  • This provides for a high quality contact with potentially new Clients/Members.
What does People Profits do?
  • Prior to the marketing effort the presentation will be reviewed with the Partner.
  • All workshop preparation including marketing and sales.
  • Provide all workshop materials.
  • Collect all participant fees.
  • Provide a check to Partner on day of workshop for their share.
  • Provide breakfast or snacks.
  • Provide a suitable location if necessary.

If you have an interest in being a Workshop Partner, please contact People Profits at: 405-508-1059 or